Christine Riou Feron

Christine Riou Feron is the daughter of Pierre and Christiane Riou, the founders of the RIOU Glass company. After gaining experience with the American company Lincoln Electric (a global leader in welding equipment and consumables), where she held different positions - particularly within the industrial management department of the French subsidiary - Christine re-joined the family business at the end of 2011. Promoted to Deputy General Director in 2016 and tasked with the mission of managing and consolidating transversal resources (HR, legal, IT, finance and management auditing), in July of 2018, she became the Vice-President of RIOU Glass, reporting to the President, Pierre Riou.


Having earned a Master’s degree from the NEOMA Business School, Christine is a great professional who is knowledgeable in large companies as well as mid-sized businesses. Being immersed in the family business venture her whole life, she developed a passion for business and strategy. In addition, the various positions she has held with RIOU Glass have refined her knowledge of the business and its target market. Christine thus perfectly embodies the second generation of RIOU Glass leaders. Known as a responsible, friendly and client-oriented individual, she is writing new pages of a story started by her parents in 1979, developing the company with the same spirit of family values, quality and know-how.