RIOU Glass group Experts Cell


Between the design bureau, prescription and commercial activities, the aim of RIOU TECH is to become involved at an early stage in product development, to support sales teams in the field and to provide direct assistance to certain customers who are specialists in their own markets.


The aim of the RIOU Glass group is to provide additional services in the selection and application of the more technical glass products, consistently, and in every territory and overseas. To achieve this we've created RIOU TECH, a group of experts from across our organisation already in place and which will provide support for our existing sales force. Its mission is to develop solutions for today and for the future, to ensure that they are specified and to provide assistance to our sales teams with the marketing of these technical glazing products which require a more personalised assistance. It also operates directly with customers who are specialists in their markets.


RIOU TECH is in particular made up of product managers in each of the following fields:

  • EAG facade & sun-shading
  • Safety-rail & interior layout
  • Partition
  • Enhanced security glazing
  • Fire protection glazing
  • Food display
  • Transport industry
  • Export


President of the Management Board, Christine Riou Feron: "We have one of the widest product ranges on the market whilst still retaining the flexibility of a family business. With the RIOU TECH cell, we provide additional assistance and services to our more specialist customers. We also assist the RIOU Glass sales force so that all the other customers of the group can benefit from our expertise. This cell is a perfect example of a response to a market that is becoming increasingly complex, in terms of regulation, quality and logistics".

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