RIOU Glass joins forces with La French Fab

Launched in 2017 at the initiative of French government organizations Alliance Industrie du Futur, Bpifrance and even Business France, La French Fab aims to unite the industrial businesses and boost the promotion of the French industry abroad.


Its goals:

• Accelerate the industrial transformation in France
• Unite French manufacturers under the same banner
• Embody the prosperous future of the French industry and the attractiveness of its craftsmanship
• Promote the excellence of the French industry internationally


La French Fab advocates for innovation, ecological and environmental performance, and the promotion of the French industry - values that are dear to RIOU Glass.


As you know, we are the only independent French processor to manufacture flat glass in France (at the Eurofloat plant in Salaise-sur-Sanne) derived from French quarries. These glass sheets are then transformed into one of 15 parts that make up our Hexagon. This enables us to proudly market high-quality 100% FRENCH window glass.


We wish to promote this asset and especially, to make it available to our customers so as to help them enhance their offerings to the end consumer. Thus, we are proud to join with La French Fab and participate in promoting the French industry.