Proud to manufacture in France

French consumers have become increasingly sensitive to the provenance of the products they buy.


This sensitivity is regularly measured by polls. According to CREDOC (Centre de Recherche pour l'Etude et l'Observation des Conditions de vie), 39% of French people in 1997 were prepared to pay more for an industrial product made in France. Over the years, that proportion has grown to reach 60% in 2014. It even reached 72% according to the poll, carried out in October 2016, by Ifop for Crédit Agricole and the MIF Expo trade fair.


In France, we are lucky to operate in a dynamic sector, made up of efficient and innovative companies, like our own, which are the guardians of real know-how.


We are the only independent French processor to manufacture sheet glass in France (in the Eurofloat factory at Salaise-sur-Sanne) using French quarries. These glass sheets are then processed in one of our 15 units across France. We can, therefore, be proud of putting on the market high-quality FRENCH glazing units.


We want to promote this asset and above all place it at your disposal to help you to enhance your offer to the end client. From now on, all our glazing units carry the label below, created by ourselves.